Melaleuca is NOT MLM


1. Require large inventory purchases to earn a bonus – - Simply switch stores and buy only what you need each month; no risk

2. Distributors pruchase and resell products to customers - – Customers shop direct with Melaleuca

3. Prices are often 3 or 4 times the actual products’ value - -  Exceptional products at reasonable prices

4.  Rely on the sensational, such as juice, magnets, and  other products - - Real products you really use; simply redirct a portion of what you’re

already spending at your local grocery store to Melaleuca

5. Often use unfounded gurus or celebrities to hype the products - -  Products developed by world-class scientists

6.”First in” wins; “last in” loses - - Everyone can succeed–anytime

7. Companies often come and go - - A proven record of consistent growth since 1985

8. Low customer retention and repeat purchases - - High customer retention and repeat purchases

9. Rely on prior MLM experience and networking contactsto succeed   – - Anyone can build with time and effort

10. Focused almost exclusively on money - – Mission of helping others